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Our favourite clients are probably those who have ‘tried everything’ – and haven’t got the results. (and then we sort them out and get them some real results, in the form of more traffic, a better converting website, and more clients, customers, sales, calls, and profits!)

A client who has figured out what hasn’t worked for them in the past is likely to be more discerning. They usually find, when they work with us, that they quickly get used to seeing tangible, measureable results (such as increased traffic to their site, more fans on facebook and better engagement, higher rankings in search engines and – the reason we are doing all this – an increase in customers and profit!

We love working with delighted clients; and a lot of our new clients have been referred to us from our existing happy clients.

Typically, your relationship with us starts with a consultation; firstly to establish what you need – some clients need ‘everything’ and some just need specifics. (to begin working with us, just get in touch!)

We also need to establish your budget. It is our job to know ‘1000 things you could do’ but to select the handful to focus on, in order of importance, that will give you the biggest ‘bang for buck’.

in this consultation, we’ll try and figure out ‘where you are now’ versus ‘where you want to be’ – whether that’s a percentage growth increase target, or a google ranking position target, or just tidying up your marketing material to better appeal to and convert your potential customers.

we then figure out the best, fastest, and most cost-effective way to get you there, that works with your budget.

For example, take Facebook; some of our bigger clients want a comprehensive facebook page designed and coded, complete with e-commerce or name-capture, plus a fully managed FB advertising campaign and even Admin assistance responding to your fans. Smaller clients will just want a banner designed to match their branding, and an hour of coaching on best practices.

The point is, we will figure out the best combination of ‘things you can do to promote your business online’ that will work specifically for your product, service, location, niche, ideal client, desired results in terms of speed or percentage growth, and budget.

Likewise, with Google advertising – some of our bigger clients will be spending several thousands of dollars a month, and our job will be to manage and optimize your campaign. Typically, we can increase your quality score (meaning you will pay less for ads!) – we will identify and scale down or eliminate non-performing keywords, resulting in a better performing campaign. We often take our client’s advertising campaigns from ‘negatively geared’ to ‘cashflow positive’!

We like to ask a lot of questions to do with where your customers are currently coming from, what your ideal customer is (whether you are currently attracting them or not), where the ‘bread and butter’ of your business is, and so on. This is so we can get a better sense of your business and help you more speedily and accurately. Generally, our marketing efforts will be not only to attract more of the ‘bread and butter’ clients that keep your business humming, but also your ‘dream client’ – the ones you’d like to get.

If you have the data, we’ll also want to know data on numbers of current site visitors and conversion rates (especially if you are requiring a response or purchase by your customers at your website).

We’ll research your market in detail; if you’ve never had anyone do this, it will be a revelation!

please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk to us.