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Why you need to keep WordPress and Plugins Updated

If your site is on WordPress, it often needs to be updated. Ditto those plugins. It is actually best practice not only to update WordPress and all plugins every month, but also to install Backup Buddy and make a backup of your site, every month, PLUS send the backup to additional offsite storage (we use Amazon S3 Cloud storage.)

No worries if you lack the expertise to do this yourself – with our Website Hosting and Maintenance Package we do this all for you, and send you a report every month.

Actually, if you’re not a coder, you really shouldn’t do it yourself. Updating plugins, WordPress and your Theme should be done by experienced coders (such as our team) with a full backup created before you do anything. This is because often updating yourself will cause the plugin, Theme or WordPress itself to overwrite CSS that has been written in (that sets up the custom look of your site.) In other words, your design, logo, colours, menu and images could disappear if you try this yourself!)

Our coders know where to look for code and how to back it up before updating. If we need to copy code over to a new version of your theme, for example, we will do this for you so it’s seamless.

Here’s an infographic showing why keeping your site maintained is absolutely essential: