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What our clients say

Barbara is a great ‘ideas person’ and easy to work with. She is very enthusiastic and brings this to the group that we work in. There is no need to mention that her knowledge on web marketing is second to none. It has only been a few weeks now, and our natural rankings are already beginning to improve.
Thanks Barbara.
Don Tsering, AirRoad

We and especially myself have been extremely impressed and happy with your input and the work you have done for us. It has been invaluable.
Craig Francis, General Manager

You are so Awesome.
Scott Stacey,

Barbara is a lovely lady with a great deal of knowledge in web design and marketing. Barbara is able to provide professional advice and explain the benefits to any business in clear simple terms. And Barbara will deliver on her commitment.
Paul Homan, Stephen Edwards Constructions

I gotta recommend y’all the best SEO and website company in the world! If you got a website or a business and you really want to make it work, Barbara Griffin is THE BEST, end of discussion! They deliver fantastic service and … wait for it…RESULTS! YES, it’s true. Billing is not first priority; it is delivery of service! I cannot believe the fantastic results I have gotten since they have been working with me. Contact them if you want your site to work better but you do not want to get into an All-American, $5000 for 6 months minimum deal. They are based in Australia, but they work for clients all over the world! If you want me to contact them for you, just ask. I will be happy to help.
John Davies, Opera Singer, Los Angeles

Note: I quite often get awesome unsolicited emails or in this case a rave review on Facebook. (We have never actually asked clients for testimonials so everything you see on this page is ‘organic’ feedback sent by email or publicly posted to Facebook or LinkedIn.)

One of my long term US SEO and hosting clients, I recently re-skinned John’s website to improve conversions. Obviously it’s done the trick! Part of the reason he’s so happy is because he has something to compare it to – he was previous using yelp and yellow pages, and now he can see that he’s getting about 20 times more traffic than he was then, for the same price he used to be paying.