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Terms and Conditions – Hosting Special (friends) Rate

Hosting with us at your privileged rate is conditional on you also being up to date on invoices for other services (i.e. SEO, Website maintenance, urgent fixes, consulting, traffic, content writing, graphic design, etc.)

If you are in arrears with us, we reserve the right to suspend all services we are supplying you while your bills are unpaid, plus you forfeit your right to any discount rate you may have been on.

At any time after your invoice is 30 days late, we reserve the right to take any of the actions outlined below without any further notice being issued:

1) redirect or remove your website
2) enlist the assistance of a debt recovery firm
3) delete files stored on our servers
4) register a default against your business on It is common practice for banks, utility companies and other businesses to monitor this debt registry. Payment defaults are registered for a period of 5 years and could lead to frozen accounts and difficulties obtaining credit in the future.
5) charge you a penalty fee to restore your site/files if we have taken it down
6) Take legal action to recover the debt. Legal fees, charges, and interest may be added to your account and recovery of these costs will be enforced.
7) refuse to supply you future services

If you wish to stay on as a client after we have taken action against you for arrears, it is strictly at our discretion, and we will re-negotiate the terms under which we would be prepared to take on the ‘risk’ of your business.

Typically there may be added premiums, securities, conditions, or contracts that we would both agree to.