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tech support

Bogdan is our senior Tech. An experienced .php developer, hacker, and troubleshooter, there’s hardly a problem he can’t fix when it’s Linux, Apache, MySql, .Php, CSS, or html.
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Zee leads a team of 3 developers, and despite his youthful good looks (he’s only 25) he’s an expert troubleshooter and does most of our site moves, backups, domain and hosting management, email database backups and maintenance, .aspx coding, and translation software management.
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Swati is our project manager, who makes sure sites get coded, tasks get done and your design gets translated to the webpage perfectly. She also implements website functionality, plugins, menu, header, footer and widget customizations, and fixes sites that have been hacked.
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As a business marketing agency, a lot of clients have needs related to the work we are doing for them. As a result, we have expanded our Tech Support team to cater to increased demand.

Typical problems our tech support staff can fix:

  • Moving your hosting to a bigger faster server with more bandwidth (often your current web hosting starts maxing out because of the increased traffic we are generating to your website!)
  • Stress testing: We can stress test your website when you need to know how many people can concurrently use your website, for example, we recently stress tested an ecommerce site in asia prior to our client commencing shopping channel advertising
  • Website edits to sites running on Windows Servers, written in .aspx, and without CMS
  • Backups of both WordPress and Non WordPress websites
  • Cloning of sites ‘by stealth’ that you don’t have the website hosting access to (such as for a recent client, when a disgruntled former employee has shut you out)
  • Changes to site meta tags, titles, URLS, descriptions and headers, and other On Page optimization, such as when commencing SEO
  • Custom software development
  • Hacking plugins for additional functionality
  • All issues to do with email accounts, databases, htaccess, redirects, and geocoding
  • Installation of web software and applications in Jquery, Php, Flash, Popups, Affiliate programmes, Live Chat software, Help Desk software
  • Support for any and all website and technical web-related or even computer-related issues