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How Dalia Makes Thousands A Month Selling Short Fiction On Amazon [Podcast]


subscribe-with-itunes-buttonDalia Daudelin writes erotic fiction from home part time, and makes thousands of dollars a month – a full time living – in income from sales and royalties.
In one of her blog posts, she writes:

Dalia-daudelinI decide what to write. I decide how to write it. I decide where, how, and how much to advertise.
I get to decide how to price my books and when to put them on sale! I don’t have anyone butting in and telling me to do things their way because I have some horrible contract with them. That freedom is wonderful. I get to be my own boss!

Researching the best keywords, how to run a website, what the best kinks to write are? That stuff is fun. It’s one of the best parts of this job.

When a book succeeds, it REALLY succeeds. You can make millions writing romance and erotica, so long as you self publish it. And when a book makes it high in the ranks, that success is completely and utterly on me. Not on my team of editors and cover designers. I don’t have to share that glory with anyone else.

So yes, I love self publishing, and I think I will for many years to come. Nothing I have ever done has been this satisfying.

In this podcast episode, Barbara Griffin interviews author Dalia Daudelin as they discuss the self-publishing business model Dalia uses to achieve her success. This content is suitable for a mature audience, as it contains Adult themes.

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