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New Terms and Conditions for Accounts with More Than One Default

Change To Terms and Conditions

As your account was recently in default, I would like to advise you that the conditions of service will change if you default again. If you have defaulted for the second time (either your credit card on file bounced more than once, or you have paid your hosting invoice late more than once) these terms and conditions apply now.

We can no longer accept the liability of hosting your website files ‘for free’ (which we are in effect doing if your invoices remain unpaid) as your files are taking up valuable space on our servers and using our staff resources. We therefore reserve the right to not only suspend services but also delete all your files and emails if your bill remains unpaid after 30 days.

We will therefore need to charge some penalties to restore your files and emails, depending on how late you are, of we have already suspended your website.

The new terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page. If you are not planning on defaulting again and agree to keep your account current and pay invoices by the due date from now on, or supply a credit card, nothing will change – your rate will stay the same – and you don’t even need to read any more!

However the new terms and conditions will apply immediately without further notice if you default again.

We don’t actually want to charge you penalties. We just want you to keep your account current. Unfortunately (human nature…) enforcing penalties seems to be a stronger ‘reverse incentive’ for some clients than the good deal they got in the first place!

New Terms and Conditions

If your account is not paid by the due date again, (i.e. you default more than once) the following things will happen.

1) You forfeit your special/discount rate, and hosting costs will be increased to our ‘rack rate‘ of $99 per month/per Cpanel/per domain.
WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Package Price Sheet
2) Future payments will be accepted by credit card (that we keep on file and process for you monthly) only.
3) We will redirect your website to this page until your account is once again up to date.
4) If you stay in default, we will only keep your files for 30 days and then delete them (You will not be able to recover them at all after this time.) However, to access your files AND emails (i.e. to download them and move them to a different web host) you would need to restore your account, including any penalties.
5) A late fee penalty of $30 plus GST will be applied to your next account if it is more than 3 days but less than 14 days overdue.
6) You will need to pay an account restore penalty fee of $240 plus GST for us to reactivate your account if your bill remains unpaid after 14 days.
7) To continue as a client, you will need to provide credit card details by phone or email (name on card, expiry date, CSV, card number) and send us an email stating that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions on this page and that you authorise us to debit your card monthly for the charges outlined on this document.
8) If your unpaid invoice is for work done by us rather than hosting, but you also have hosting with us, we reserve the right to take your site down until your account is up to date.
9) If you pay your invoice on time for three months, your new rate will be the midpoint of the rate you formerly had with us before the default and the price of $99 per domain/Cpanel/hosting account.


We provide excellent service with personal ‘concierge level’ support and timely response to any enquiries, and take our responsibility for your website very seriously. We like to build lifetime relationships with clients – we just don’t want ‘liabilities’. So if you want to stay on as a client, we only ask that you keep your account up to date.

It’s that simple!