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We specialise in online marketing consulting for businesses.

Who this is perfect for:
A business who knows they may need a range of things done, but they might not know what those things are, how much they would cost, and if they would deliver good ROI.

If we consult for you, we ask a lot of questions first, such as:
Who’s your ideal client?
What problems do they have?
Where are they located, and what’s their demographic or demographics?
Who’s your bread and butter client?
Where you currently get most of your new clients from?
Is your product or service something that people re-order, or do they just order it once?
Are you upselling or cross-selling other products or services?
What are the barriers or difficulties in your market (i.e. geographical constraints, not well known, clients need a lot of education etc)
Do you spend money on any of the following – trade shows, referrals, affiliate marketing, online marketing, PPC, SEO, Facebook, Joint Ventures, Print Media, Radio Ads, Youtube ads, TV ads
How well does each traffic source convert – which marketing channel is giving the best and the worst results?

These questions help us measure metrics we use as a baseline, a starting point, such as:
Your customer aquisition cost (total marketing cost divided by new leads annually)
Lifetime value of a customer (for example, if it costs you $80 to acquire a new client, to sell them a $50 product, but then they re-order every month forever, this could be viable.)
We measure all your metrics, or help you install tracking so it can be measured.
We also see what keywords you are ranking for and measure your positions on the web.

Now that we know ‘where you are now’, we then look at ‘where you want to be’, and also start making recommendations as to where to spend your marketing budget. For example, if no leads come from Yellow Pages, and if running a newspaper ad did not result in a traffic spike, we can recommend much more cost-effective marketing channels for you based on what you are trying to achieve. With some clients, we come up with a 1 year plan, and help you action it all year, either with our team implementing for you, or just advising you with other third party contractors you may already have in place.

Basically, we help get your online ‘solar system’ working well. Sites will be redesigned if necessary; content may need to be written. Mailing management software implemented, custom html email templates designed to match your branding. If you don’t have anyone managing your mailouts, we can help running this. If you need content written, we write it. Web banners, assets, ads both text and visual – we can create them. We can help installing and managing an affiliate marketing system. We can port your website to a more SEO-friendly language without any downtime or loss of link juice or functionality, resulting in a boost in the rankings, a better user experience, and more sales.
We can prioritise what will be the best for you to spend your money on based on what we have found works over many many clients. We can manage your PPC and get it performing better than it ever has – in fact we guarantee it.
Likewise, we can rank your site for actual good keywords that are relevant, competitive, and have search volume, and all keywords will be chosen in consultation with you based on relevance.

We can help with hosting, IT support, reporting to show to the board, and much more.

Consulting packages start at $10,000 per month plus GST (businesses up to 3M per year) or $15,000 per month (businesses over 3M per year) and include:
1 meeting per month of up to 3 hours in Sydney Metro on site (travel expenses not included)
If overseas or interstate, one day live and face to face per six months, at a location of your choice (travel expenses extra)
Regular Skype meetings (1 hour weekly or 2 hours fortnightly)
Monthly reporting (choose from written, video, or audio)
During the first month, which is the most labour intensive, we will book our first appointment and then based on our findings, prepare a one year strategy and action plan with our diagnosis and recommendations.
For the subsequent months, we will help you work through your strategy, guiding and supporting you every step of the way.
Minimum term is 6 months.

Please note that we can only consult with a maximum of 3 businesses per month.

For more information, contact Barbara Griffin on +61 438 16 18 15