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We are a specialist online marketing agency. Our clients are either business who sell online, local businesses who use their website to generate leads, or both. Clients come to us so we can help them grow their business by getting them more traffic, leads, or sales using online marketing methods.

Helping clients with their online marketing involves analysing their customer acquisition process, market segment, marketing efforts and buying process in great detail, in order to benchmark where the business is now, before creating a strategy to improve it to where they’d like to be.

This can border on business coaching, because often the online marketing analysis process uncovers aspects of the business that are just simply not working, or that we think may send the business broke if not attended to.

For our agency to take on a new client for any of our online marketing services, they must:

  • Have an existing business
  • Not be desperate (i.e. in cashflow crisis, or not currently breaking even)
  • Have a marketing budget
  • Not be getting conflicting information from someone else
  • Agree to our payment terms and conditions

We are happy to sign NDAs and have these in place for several of our clients.

If such a client is interested in working together, usually the process is:

  • Find out how the business currently acquires new clients – and work out the ROI on the current method/s
  • Research the customer’s market, competitors, barriers to entry, demand, and demographic
  • Create an online marketing strategy to attract targetted or ‘warm’ traffic that will suit the client’s budget and level of risk
  • Implement
  • ‘Test small, roll out large’ – we test everything against the existing benchmark ROI so we can see what is working the best
  • Conversion optimization – there are many simple inexpensive things can be implemented that can double a client’s revenue overnight
  • Regular analysis, tracking, meetings and reporting
  • Rinse and repeat – this can either mean scaling up, or replicating the process to help the business expand into new markets or segments, i.e. overseas, related products, and moving up the food chain – ‘owning the racecourse’ – as well as (sometimes) preparing the business for sale


During the course of a typical online marketing strategy, there are usually a myriad of things that need to be fixed/implemented. Usually I can allocate the tasks that need to be done into an order of priority and stagger them through the months so the client has a consistent spend per month that they can budget for.

Most clients need several different services during the course of working together, and appreciate being able to get these all in the one place, with a single point of contact.

I have a team of graphic designers, web designers, web developers, IT support, content writers, copywriters, PPC managers, project managers, an SEO team, a reputation management team, 2 video crews (Sydney and Souther Highlands), a green screen studio (Sydney), an audio recording studio, video editors, high end TVC directors, video compositors, audio and video transcription, translators, social media managers, podcast creators, animators, press release writing and submission, and my own web hosting service.

I have team members who can help clients with capital raising endeavours, value their business, prepare their business for sale; I can help with podcast creation, CD or DVD release including releasing content on iTunes, eMusic and Amazon, and celebrity endorsements. I am always adding more services that clients need – app development and book publishing and product launches are the latest two services in development.

I refer clients that require offline marketing (i.e. media buys, print PR) elsewhere (at no kickback) to people and other businesses I have an alignment with and consider to be the best/most affordable in the business.

My core expertise is ‘online marketing for business’, and my standard consulting charges are from $3000 per month, depending on what is required, but which typically includes a full online marketing strategy creation, planning, quoting, project management, implementation,  testing, optimisation, and reporting.

After a year of consulting, business I have worked with typically have their marketing plan fully implemented, tested and working with ongoing and sustainable traffic strategies in place, and at an appropriate time we can move to a reduced retainer for monthly reporting and meeting, letting the successful traffic strategies run and keeping an eye on them.

Even if you’re not a consulting client, I am happy to quote for as-needed services, which are charged per hour, or by a fixed quote. Casual jobs of under 5 hours are strictly prepay only, with a minimum of 5 hours. Unused hours are valid for 6 months.

I am happy to work with your existing IT management, web developers, designers, copywriters, videographers, and social media managers.

Often, new clients come to me initially for a small fix, and quickly realise they can trust me to look after more and more of their  online marketing management.

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