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capital raising – the next step

We can connect you with one of our select and highly regard experts in raising capital who are in contact with cashed-up investors here and overseas who may be interested in investing in your company.

One is accredited to the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board.

Another is a chartered accountant and former partner of one of Australia’s largest and most reputable accounting firms who is now a private financier and business valuer with cashed-up offshore clients .

A third runs his own boutique investment bank.

We have deliberately not included their full names and contact info here.

To work with our highly valued team, it is imperative that you are ready with professionally written and presented document that outlines your offer – what your business does, why it needs capital, how much it needs, and the
risk, and expected returns for investors.

David Coe, our business communications expert who has worked for Macquarie Bank and the Financial Review, can ensure you have the documents needed to engage investors.