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capital raising – the first step

When you’re raising capital, investors need a clear picture of your business case and why it will succeed.
It is critical they know what makes you unique and why you are a good investment.

And that’s where the Business Marketing Agency can help.

We will assign business communications expert David Coe to help you through the maze of communicating with potential investors.

David Coe, Copywriter Sydney

David Coe

David Coe is a finance journalist and business communications expert specialising in capital raising, with 40 years’ experience that includes the Financial Review, The Australian, The Times in London, Ord Minnett, and Macquarie Bank.

David’s key achievements include:
• Creating for Macquarie a document that brought in $12m in share sales in its first two weeks,
• Redesigning Macquarie’s equities research and then having Australia’s biggest fund managers vote it their 3rd most used research (up from unranked previously),
• Writing the prospectus for Macquarie’s Online Cash Trust,
• Saving Ord Minnett $600,000 in annual printing costs,
• Redesigning the finance pages of both The Australian and The West Australian,
• Lifting output and staff 75% in the 7 years he was graphics editor of the Financial Review.

David specialises in making financial communications more effective. To attract investors and clients, he shows how to capture business cases and value propositions in crisp English and powerful graphics.

His special competencies are:
• Communicating financial concepts in plain English
• Using innovative combinations of visuals and words to highlight critical information in business communications
• Creating reader-friendly online and print documents
• Thoroughly understanding publishing, from writing, copywriting and editing through to design and production
• Writing with power, clarity and elegance

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