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[Podcast] How To Create a 34 Million A Year Business In Three Years – Interview with Young Entrepreneur Leigh Storr



In this fascinating interview, Barbara Griffin interviews friend and former business partner Leigh Storr to find our how he started a business from scratch at the age of 27 that has grown to a 34M a year business in under three years, employing 120 people.


‘What’s really good about this story is that it’s a success story on multiple levels’ The Hon Kevin Rudd MP, Prime Minister of Australia

‘It’s a great story about enterprise. It’s a great story about jobs. It’s a great story about environment, and it’s a great story about getting government policy settings right.
It’s a great story for Australia as well.’

Welcome to the Business Marketing Agency podcast with Barbara Griffin, regular tips and tricks for business owners who want to market their business online.

Leigh Storr, Biosolar Founder and General Manager

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