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Here are some example animations our talented team have made for clients.

Here is a basic outline of the process, which generally takes 2-3 weeks:

First, you supply us with a script and/or finished voiceover, or we can help with that part too.
Then, we first provide 2 different look and feel example frames based on your brief.
Once approved, we then storyboard the entire video as stills.
Once approved, we animate it, matching the timing to fit the voiceover.
When the animation is finished, we then add music and sound effects if desired, to create the finished product.

This cartoon style video has been a smash for our client! In this example, we also helped the client record his own voiceover, to a script which he had written.

This silhouette animation style has a modern, clean, corporate yet retro sophistication. For this video, we also supplied the voiceover artist and recorded the voiceover to a supplied script, then sourced and added music and sound effects.

We made this video for FXPro, sponsors of the SuperRugby. This video animation involved incorporating audio recordings from the team captains, creating video footage from stills and animations, and adding music and voiceover to create an exciting promo video that was broadcast by bluetooth to every person who attended the SuperRugby.

Kinetic text animated to exactly match your voiceover gives a hip ‘look and feel’. We can do this in any colour palette to match your branding. This video was animated to a supplied voiceover.