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5 Reasons Not To Move To Raw Hosting

5 Reasons Not To Move Your Hosting

1. Lots of them won’t work.

There are so many hosting companies out there who provide services so poor, they won’t even allow your site to work properly!
(And this is one of the many reasons why we started our own web hosting. )
Basically, you need Linux, Apache, MySQL and PhP. Many people move hosting and then too late realise their site doesn’t play nice on their new host.

2. Too Hard Basket

It’s hard to move hosting. You’ll need to set up your new account, copy your files from one server to the other, hook up all the databases if you do it manually, or purchase software if you don’t, and then check it all works by pointing the DNS and waiting patiently. You’ll get downtime, and sometimes no matter what you do, your emails won’t copy over. Plus, you’ll have new email settings to set up on all your devices. And did I mention, email accounts don’t create themselves? You’ll have to do that too,

Basically, if you aren’t a technical expert, don’t attempt this.

3. If you pay someone to do it, you’ll spend more than you save.

Guaranteed. And even if you employ an expert, still, some things may not work.

4. Bad Service

Web hosts just want your business, so they will promise the world to get you to sign on, but then not deliver. Also, there will be issues to do with your site that they will say aren’t hosting issues (and may not be) – but in the end, you will probably need help from someone who ‘speaks server’ as well as someone who has web development skills.

(Like us!)

5. No emails

Some hosting – actually, more and more these days – don’t allow emails. Examples: Netregistry, WpEngine, Synthesis. They make you use Gmail, Google Apps, or the clunky and expensive Microsoft Server. Or, they charge you extra per month for emails.

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